People familiar with the matter: byd is the research of intelligent driving chip


On July 15, 36 kr quoted several people familiar with the news reported that byd plans to independent research and development of intelligent special chip to drive.

Sources said the project is led by byd semiconductor team, have sent design firm demand, at the same time itself in recruiting BSP 

For this information, byd, did not respond.

Chip master had recently reported a major breakthrough!Byd uhp SiC module, with the help of a first mover advantage and their models application verification, byd half a guide

Public data shows, in the field of automobile, relying on the car level gauge semiconductor research and application of deep accumulation, byd semiconductor lead in manufacturing and mass production of the IG

In terms of on-board power semiconductors, byd semiconductor's advantage is very outstanding, have developed technology is leading in the electric drive system of 1200 v power drive

At present, the IGBT as the main product of byd semiconductor, the main revenue for byd semiconductor.