News: Intel and poach two TSMC


Many news recently, Intel in June will be two TSMC technology on wafer foundry business, head of the department.

Among them, had previously served 13 years ago TSMC design architecture management department, deputy general manager Suk Lee,

Intel is poaching as ecosystem technical deputy general manager.Another party for 31 years of TSMC U.S. subsidiary of advanced technology solutions Michael Chang,with Suk Lee

In the same month to Intel.

According to the The Register Reported that Intel announced since last march to regain wafer foundry business, its from TSMC, samsung to recapture the hegemony of wafer manufacturing。

Intel established OEM services, show a strong determination to enter the wafer foundry, therefore, Intel poaching in TSMC has served 31 years general Mi。

Suk Lee In TSMC is responsible for the open innovation platform (OIP) related business, since 2009, he served as senior marketing management department chief design architecture, and to go to。

While Michael Chang In TSMC for 31 years, from 1991 into the TSMC as project manager, and in 2013 litres of vice director, until January last year。